Have you ever been to a campfire? The kind where people are laughing and singing and making music together? Welcome to Song by SongTM – where we keep the campfire spirit alive, offering fun and effective ukulele classes in a relaxed learning environment. Our classes provide you all the tools you need to discover and nurture the musician within, while this website keeps track of everything you need outside of class to keep you learning efficiently and joyfully along the way.

Who is Song by SongTM ?

Hi there. This is me, Avery – the Founder, the Director, the Every Position of Song by Song.TM  I should have known I was destined for work in music because my mom says you could hear me screaming before I came out in the delivery room. My nickname was Raging Bull. I promise I’ve calmed down since then.

I came to teaching music in a roundabout way, first as an English teacher abroad then as an environmental educator on Bainbridge Island, WA, and finally as a classroom teacher in Portland, OR. When I left the classroom, I first tried my hand at performing as a singer-songwriter, releasing a couple albums, creating a one-woman show, and really enjoyed touring the country.

Being a professional musician made clear to me how integral music is to the person I am: how I see and hear the world around me, how I understand other people and cultures, and what difference I want to make in my community. Before I knew it, I was teaching again: this time it was ukulele classes at Artichoke Music, a non-profit here in Portland. Since 2013, I’ve been developing and enriching my ukulele curriculum, and building a community of musicians with my students, which has finally led to this venture:

I am over the moon to launch this company / community / hub and to welcome you to the fold. What I love most about the ukulele is how many purposes it serves: it’s an accessible introduction to the world of music, it’s the perfect ice breaker in making a new friend, and it invites us to try something new and maybe see things a little differently. So, let’s get started. Here we go …