Video Tutorials: The Beatles

Welcome! Below are play-along videos of the songs from our first Beatles packet. These videos are meant to support your practice by giving you a sense of how we will play them in class, with all the elements in sync: chording, strumming, and singing. However, I encourage you to use these videos to practice single elements, or the combination of two elements, depending on what challenge feels right for you. For example, when learning a song new to you, start with chording — no strumming, no singing, just make the chord shapes in time to the video. If you are working on the strum pattern to a song, just strum — no chording, no singing. And so on …

Here we go!

  1. I Will
I Will with See-Saw Fingerpicking (all instruments)
I Will with Up-and-Down Fingerpicking (lo G and Baritone ukulele)

2. Imagine

Imagine with See-Saw Fingerpicking (all instruments)

3. Here Comes the Sun (Key of D)

3.5. Here Comes the Sun (Key of G)

  • Intro solo – Tutorial
  • Intro solo – Play along
  • Audio guides
Here Comes the Sun – Intro solo
Here Comes the Sun – Intro solo (slow)
  • Chorus Solo

4. And I Love Her

And I Love Her – Picking with Hi G
And I Love Her – Picking with Lo G
And I Love Her – Arranged: Pick A stanzas, strum B stanza

5. Norwegian Wood

6. In My Life

In My Life – Arranged: Pick two lines, strum two lines for each verse

7. We Can Work it Out

Fingerpicking patterns


See-Saw (hi G)

See-Saw (lo G and Bari)

Up-and-Down (lo G and Bari)

Standard v Swing Beat (Strumming)

Standard v Swing Beat (Picking)