Ukulele Sing & Strum – Folk Revival Practice Resources

Song #1: Which Side Are You On?

Song #2: Irene, Goodnight

  • Original video recording by The Weavers, with reference to Lead Belly
  • Original recording by Lead Belly, collector and rememberer of countless songs (note the different chord progression, and significantly darker lyrics!)
  • Practice Track – Lead Belly Chord Progression
  • Practice Track – Weavers Chord Progression
  • Also of interest:
    • Arrangement by Ry Cooder & David Lindley (thanks to Michael!)
    • Lead Belly came to fame due to the extensive work of father-son team John Lomax & Alan Lomax, who recorded thousands of folk songs by ordinary citizens. Most of their recordings are now part of the Library of Congress.  Though a pioneer in his days as a musicologist, John (the father) was more traditional in his views of folk music, committed to preserving songs as part of a dying rural culture as cities boomed with industry. Alan (the son), also committed to the preservation of songs, saw them as important connections between past and present, and was equally committed to liberal political causes of the time that used and updated these songs to inspire the common folk of any community to meaningful political action.

Song #3: Tom Dooley

Song #4: Blowin’ in the Wind

Song #5: Green Green Rocky Road

Song #6: All My Trials