Ukulele for Parents & Caregivers: Tambourine Collection

Before You Start: Practice Tips

  • As a beginner, or when learning any new material, you can keep your practice sessions short. Just 5-10 minutes a day is perfectly adequate for building new skills.
  • That said, practice as regularly as you can. Every day is ideal, but 4-5 days a week will work, too. I recommend attaching it to some other regular daily habit if you can.
  • Warm up with exercises that work just one layer of music-making: for example, practice any new chords with Ready-Set-Go on your left hand, or strum along to a song or video without singing or chording.
  • Finally, don’t underestimate practicing without your instrument, wh ether as part of your practice, or in moments of your everyday life. The most helpful exercises in these instances are: 1) visualize your chord changes and/or move your left hand like you would if you had your instrument; and 2) audiate (sing in your head) the songs you’re learning. While these skills / exercises don’t take the place of practice, they can help keep your brain thinking about it between practice sessions and help you develop other skills more quickly.

Getting Started: Two-Chord Songs

Three-Chord Songs: Key of C

Songs in the Key of D

Chord progression patterns

Circle Pattern, e.g. C > F > G7 > C …

Boomerang / Alternating Pattern, e.g. C > F > C > G7 …

Fingerpicking patterns

  • Waltz time (3-beat groups)
  • Standard time (4-beat groups)