Ukulele 2 – The 12-Bar Blues

Intro to the 12-Bar Blues

  • Video tutorial
  • Ear Training Exercise: The first song you’ll learn to play is Sweet Home Chicago. Take a listen to this arrangement by Eric Clapton. Can you follow the 12-Bar Blues, where it starts, where the line breaks are, and where it “turns around” and starts again?

Song 1: Sweet Home Chicago

  • Video tutorial


Song 2: Down-Hearted Blues

  • Video tutorial

Song 3: St. Louis Blues

  • Video tutorial (Basic version)
  • Video tutorial (Full version)

Song 4: Move On Over

  • Video Tutorial

Song 5: Backwater Blues

  • Play with Bessie: Bessie Smith recorded this song in the Key of A, so you can play right along with her, following the chord chart in your packet.