Song by Song™ Classes FAQ

Class Descriptions

Which class is right for me?

Here’s a quick run-down of what to expect in each class:

  • Ukulele 1: For the absolute beginner who doesn’t know strings from frets, or may even ask: what are frets? This class is for you, we are going to get you started on your ukulele adventures!
  • Ukulele 2: For those who have just graduated from Ukulele 1, this class will expand on the chords we’ve learned in the Key of C to include new chords in the Keys of D, G, and A. We’ll also work on different strum patterns to get you beyond those down strums!
  • Ukulele Sing & Strum (Mixed Level): For those who have completed Ukulele 1 & 2 and are ready to sing and strum new songs each term in a supportive and positive learning environment. As a mixed level class, there will be different challenge options for different comfort levels.
  • Ukulele Ensemble: This class focuses on reading music out of James Hill’s book Ukulele in the Classroom. We are currently making our way through Book 1 (the green book). If you’re interested in joining mid-stream, please reach out.
  • Ukulele for Parents: This class (*NEW* in 2019) is designed for those looking to use the ukulele to bring more family music into the home. I use the term “parents” loosely — anyone who works with or cares for young children is welcome.

Class Locations

Where do classes take place?

  • Portland, OR – West side classes: West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  8470 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR 97223. Google Map link to WHUUF.
  • Portland, OR – East side classes: Lincoln St United Methodist Church – 5145 SE Lincoln St, Portland, OR 97215. Google Map link to LSUMC.

Missing Class

What if I know I’m going to miss a class one week? Is there any way to make it up?

  • For those students in Ukulele 1, 2, and Sing & Strum, if you need to miss a class, you can make it up by attending the equivalent class on the other side of town on another night. If you’re, say, out of town for the week, feel free to attend two classes when you return – it will likely be similar material but it will get you some extra class time and practice, regardless.

Hybrid: In-person and Online tutorials

What if I’m not able to attend classes but really want to continue?

  • You are welcome to register for a class online, but instead of attending classes, you can receive in exchange two hours worth of private lessons (split up however you like) as well as video tutorials and practice materials for the class you registered for! That way, you’re still working on the same material but we meet up for lessons at a time more convenient for you. If you’re interested in this option, let me know by responding to this email.

If you have any other questions, let me know at: