Ukulele 2 (SE Portland)


A follow-up class to Ukulele 1, or for recent and/or confident beginners. Expand your repertoire of chords, strum patterns, and songs!


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This class is for those who have taken Ukulele 1, or feel comfortable playing chords in the Key of C. You will learn more chords and chord families, as well as how and why we might move a song from one chord family to another (a.k.a. transposing). You will also expand your repertoire of strum patterns, further developing your sense of rhythm.

Songs you will learn will likely include several examples of the 12-bar blues (sung by the likes of Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong), as well as three-chord songs from Appalachia made famous by The Carter Family.

Note: This class is designed for soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are a baritone ukulele player, so I can arrange adapted materials for you. Not sure if you have a baritone? Let me know that too!:

about the instructor:

Avery Hill -Founder and Director of Song by Song™ – has been making music her whole life and has been a teacher for almost half of it. She believes that everyone can make music, and thinks of herself as part expert, part guide, and part cheerleader in the classroom.

Photo of teacher Avery holding a ukulele and smiling in front of a tree with red leaves.


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