Ukulele Forecast: Workshop Season Continues for Portland, Oregon

Avery leads a ukulele workshop with thirty-plus people in the room.

Workshop season got off to a great start in Tualatin where I was hosted by the Tigard Ukulele Group (check out their weekly jams!). There’s more where this came from, coming up in both SE and SW Portland, both weeknights and weekends. Join us for these upcoming workshops below …

Featured Workshop: Chords Up the Neck

Ukulele and hands. Text: Song by Song Workshop: Chords Up the Neck.

You’ve got over 12 frets on your fretboard, why relegate your playing to the first three or four? Learn new chord shapes based on the 5th fret and up that you can apply to songs you already know and add more variation to your playing. Check out the video preview below.

Register: Ukulele Chords Up the Neck

Other Workshops

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